How to Get Involved

How funders, researchers, and students can get involved in our work.

Solving complex issues

require collaborative partnerships

Despite achieving dramatic gains in some of its health indicators, Malawi still faces critical health challenges, including high infant mortality rate due to malnutrition. Solving these complex issues require collaborative partnerships as well as adequate funds.  Researchers at MNRG actively design research studies to better understand, and devise solutions to, nutrition-related health problems in Malawi. There are opportunities for funders, researchers, and students to become involved in our work.


The following are brief concept notes for research studies that are yet to receive funding. Interested funders can always ask for a full research proposal for any of these research ideas. Each research idea is carefully tailored to a pressing health challenge that, if solved, would lead to improvement in the health wellbeing of many people in Malawi. 


Health challenges in Malawi are too complex to be solved through isolated efforts. At MNRG, we welcome both local and international researchers. Researchers whose research interests resonate with our research focus areas are always welcome to partner with us, either at research proposal development or implementation. Researchers with already funded projects targeting Malawi can also implement them through us.


At MNRG we believe students, as they constitute the future generation of researchers, need to be given all the opportunities to participate in research. We, therefore, provide internship and placement opportunities for both national and international students. International students willing to come for a placement or internship in Malawi, can always approach us. We also particularly encourage Malawian students to volunteer with us in various capacities such as research nurse, field worker, data officer, and lab technician.